Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Adventuring with Kiddo

Kiddo is my son.  He is seventeen, and heading off to college next year.  I am beginning to understand the pain in my own father's eyes when I left home.  I am luckier, though.  Technology has progressed a long ways in 30 years.  Add to that the fact he is planning on going to the junior college here in town for his first two years.  So, for him, heading off to college does not entail leaving town.


Still, after that, what do we do?  I have been exploring PbP and PbE for several years now, but have never done anything with it yet.  I think it is time.  I have discussed it with Kiddo, and he agrees.  PbP is the way to go so we can keep role playing together.

Yes, role playing.  Dungeons and Dragons.  I looked at my Amazon history, and ordered Savage Worlds way back in 2010.  We had already been role playing for about a year at least by that time.  So, seven, maybe eight years of game play. And we don't want to give it up.

Gamer's Plane is probably the platform we will use.  I have invited a local friend, and my brother, who lives in Wyoming, to join us.

Our adventure started tonight.  I created a human fighter named Zacriel Thunderhand, with the Criminal (Spy Variant) Background.  Then we rolled our stats, and swapped them back and forth between us.  That was interesting.  He is playing a female halfling monk named Rin Tealeaf.

We started in the town of Meadowbrooke, where an envelope was slipped under my door by a member of my spy ring.  A local cult, the Rubdites, have kidnapped some peasants, and I was tasked with getting them back.  

I am attempting to play this without a GM or a module, so we are using lots of online generators.  The Red Dragon Inn generated the info on Meadowbrooke.  I don't know where Kiddo went for the cult name, though.  I bought an Adventure Generator from RPGNow, and after rolling some d8s, we came up with "Steal Peasants from Underground, but we have to contend with [Religion] while being confronted by [Enemy].  After a couple more rolls, we decided it was my religion, since I was a church spy, and also my Enemy.  The Prophet of my temple hates me, so he wants to see me fail.  Plus, the cult leader knows me personally  (That was Kiddo's idea.)  Kerri Wan came from a generator on ENWorld

Lots of generators mixed together, and a willingness on our part to discuss things rather than just relying on my own imagination, seems to be working well for us.  I am also relying heavily on the Mythic Game Master Emulator.  It was highly recommended on several sites.  I had stumbled on the Flash generator a year before, but had no idea how to use it.  Now, I stumbled on the source, bought it, and now feel a bit more confident in running a GM-less game.  

Back to the game at hand:  We asked after local access to the Underground, sewers or catacombs, and there are none.  We asked about mines or caves, and everyone clammed up.  Rin went to the library and the town hall to Investigate, but came up empty.  The people of Meadowbrooke are so scared of the place they eradicated it from their records.

However, I was able to get an old geezer drunk enough to spill the beans.  There is an old mine outside of town called the Buried Stairwell.  (Part of the Mystic system is random rolls to flesh out the world around you.  But, use logic and interpretation to figure out what you can.)  Kiddo and I discussed it and decided they "delved to deep" and "woke something," like the dwarves of Moria.  Rin and Zachriel don't know this though.

End Scene.  Now we are standing at the entrance to the mine, and it is bedtime for us.  We will pick up tomorrow after school.  We will get things rolling, and move to Gamer's Plane in a while.  Then I will send invites out to see who will join me.

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